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Raleigh teen charged with wearing gang colors at middle school

Posted April 30, 2011 1:28 p.m. EDT
Updated April 30, 2011 5:44 p.m. EDT

— Raleigh teenager was arrested Friday on accusations that he created a disturbance at a middle school while wearing gang colors, according to an arrest warrant.

Police said Shamel Carter Bostick, 17, of 408 Latimer Road, jumped out of a van at Carroll Middle School, 4520 Six Forks Road. He acted violently and was wearing all blue and black, with beads and blue head coverings, the warrant states.

Police said those are gang colors and that Bostick created "the threat of imminent fighting and violence."

He was charged with disorderly conduct and given a $2,500 bond.

Bostick was put on probation in January for a misdemeanor larceny conviction, according to state Department of Correction records.