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Raleigh students charged in fight

Posted March 18, 2011 7:35 p.m. EDT

— Two students are charged after a fight broke out at Wakefield High School in Raleigh on Friday. 

According to arrest warrants, Tayshia Cache Brooks, 17, of 7401 Beaverwood Drive, and Kelly Tachelle Brown, 16, of 8608 Neuse Town Drive, were punching each other in the face and head at the school, located at 2200 Wakefield Pines Drive. 

Police said Brooks resisted a police officer who was trying to break up the fight.  They said Brown slapped and pulled the shirt of a school employee also trying to break up the fight. 

The two are charged with simple affray.

Brooks faces a charge of resisting a police officer and Brown is also charged with assaulting a school employee. 

Police released both into the custody of their parents.

They have been suspended from school.