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Raleigh man wants rider held accountable after Bird scooter crashes into, damages car

Posted December 4, 2018 10:32 p.m. EST

— A Raleigh man said he was pulling out of a garage on Wilmington Street when a Bird scooter rider crashed into the back of his car, causing a lot of damage.

Video shows driver Chris Small pull up to the gate of the parking garage and pull through. As he begins to turn, a man on an e-scooter collided with his car.

Small said the rider remained at the scene while he called police and his insurance company, but then the man said he had to go get his wallet from a friend. Video shows the man left the scene of the crash and never returned.

Small said his Toyota Camry was damaged in the crash and repairs will cost $2,300 to fix. He now questions how Bird will hold riders responsible for their actions.

Rules released by the City of Raleigh last month said that any e-scooter companies in operation will be held responsible for any damage caused by the scooters, including property damage, personal injury or death, even in cases of user negligence. The companies would be required to maintain sufficient funding to reimburse the city for any property repair or maintenance costs.

The rules also say scooter riders must yield to pedestrians and drivers.

Scooter companies like Bird must agree to the new rules or remove the scooters by Dec. 9.

Raleigh police said they are investigating the crash and Small said he has reported the incident to Bird.

The man on the scooter has not been identified and Bird told Small in an email that they would need a subpoena to release his name.