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Interactive map helps Raleigh residents with zoning changes

Posted July 21, 2014 2:50 p.m. EDT
Updated July 22, 2014 10:47 a.m. EDT

— Veronica Alcine moved with her husband to downtown Raleigh earlier this year.

“We love the area. We love the street appeal. We love downtown,” she said.

The Alcines are also thinking about the future of their neighborhood as the city plans to rezone their property.

Raleigh officials are rewriting the city’s comprehensive code governing land use and replacing it with a Unified Development Code. As part of the effort, about 30 percent of the city’s land will be rezoned.

The Alcines currently live in a zoning district that allows 20 dwelling units per acre. Under the plan, their neighborhood would be limited to 10 units per acre, which is half the density.

“We don't know that it negatively or positively impacts us, but we are doing our research,” Alcine said.

To make that research easier, the city has launched an interactive map that lets residents type in an address, find out the current zoning for their property and see the proposed zoning changes.

Raleigh interim planning director Ken Bowers says the map also makes it easier for residents to share feedback about the proposal with city officials.

“You can take your mouse and put a virtual pin on the map and attach a comment to that pin,” he said. “Every comment gets logged in a database, and we're following up on every one of them.”

As she studies what rezoning will mean for her family, Alcine says the interactive map is forward-thinking and shows that the city is trying to be transparent.

“We really feel fortunate to live in Raleigh and to be able to have access to information about the future,” she said.

The city has established a website for the project where residents can find the interactive map along with:

  • A comparison between existing and proposed zoning
  • Description of the new zoning districts
  • Zoning fundamentals
  • Methods for feedback

Property owners also can call 919-996-6363 to leave a message regarding their questions or comments.
The last day of the comment period on the draft map is Sept. 30.