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Raleigh man catches burglar on camera, wants your help to ID him

Posted October 11, 2016 1:06 p.m. EDT
Updated October 12, 2016 6:16 a.m. EDT

— A homeowner in north Raleigh who caught a thief on camera stealing tools out of his garage said the incident can serve as a warning to other homeowners.

The thief, who has not been identified yet by police, was seen on a security camera walking into the garage of a home in a neighborhood at Creedmoor and Durham roads just before midnight on Sunday. The homeowner was granted anonymity to protect against other crimes.

Security footage shows the man walking into the lighted garage, rummaging through cabinets and peering behind a television before picking up a bag of tools and walking off. The homeowner said he was awake and doing some rewiring inside the home at the time.

The homeowner said the suspect also got into an unlocked vehicle parked on his driveway but didn't steal anything. Police dusted for fingerprints on the homeowner's truck, but the suspect can be seen in the video wearing what appear to be latex gloves.

"For what it's worth, these are just sort of valuable lesson moments and reminders, especially as we enter the holiday season when your focus and your attention are elsewhere," the homeowner said. "You just have to watch out."

The homeowner reported the incident to police. Anyone with information about the burglary or the suspect should call the Wake County Sheriff's Office at 919-856-6800.