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Raleigh church thanks veterans for service, commitment

Frank Summerfield, pastor of Word of God Christian Church in Raleigh, said Sunday that veterans stand out in today's society for their selflessness and determination.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh preacher lauded America's warriors for their service, sacrifice and commitment during an annual Veteran's Day service Sunday.

Frank Summerfield, pastor of Word of God Christian Church, said that veterans stand out in today's society for selflessness and determination.

"True commitment functions as unselfish in everything," he said. "Nowadays, we live in a world where commitment is so absent, and it's hard to find people who believe in it. If we get back to the grassroots of that, the whole world would be better."

Adrian Farquharson, a retired Air Force veteran, said he was touched by the pastor's understanding of what it means for him to have been in the military.

"Commitment to the military, commitment to freedom, I don't see everyday. So when people recognized our service it still hits here," he said.

Simply being able to wear his uniform among other veterans at the Rock Quarry Road church was a treat, Farquharson said. "It's great putting the uniform on, putting the boots on, everything – just getting the opportunity to do that."

Navy veteran Richard Roberts, who served three tours of duty in the Vietnam War, reacted emotionally to the service.

"We never felt we got the recognition coming back from that kind of war," he said. "It wasn't a popular war. None of them are, but Vietnam was especially so. When we get that recognition, it really brings it all back."

Roberts said he was motivated to stay in the military because of "this idea of serving. It just builds on the inside over the years.

"Service to others is the foundation of what we're all about," he said.


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