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Raleigh business helps kids learn to write

Posted September 26, 2010 10:49 p.m. EDT

As a teacher, Alma Hoffmann saw that while so much of a teacher's focus was on reading, not enough of it was on crafting sentences and writing paragraphs.

In 1996, Hoffmann, a mom of four, wrote "Writing Works," a small book for teachers with fun writing activities for their students. The book sold at teacher supply stores and quickly took off. That first book turned into a series geared toward kids in second through eighth grades and a product line that includes folders and organizers for kids. She now is owner of Write More Educational Resources in north Raleigh.

Hoffmann tells me her goal is to provide tools for teachers to use and for students to become more independent as they hone their writing skills.

A few years ago, Hoffmann began offering track-out, after school and summer camps in north Raleigh. She's says about half the kids love to write and just want to get better. And the other half are there because they need some help. The programs take part in a bright, open space off Creedmoor Road.

And Hoffmann doesn't want lack of money to keep a child from attending one of her camps. She offers a full scholarship for each one of her Explorer writing camps. Check her website for details on the classes and other programs.

Starting Wednesday and for the next four weeks on Go Ask Mom, Hoffmann will be sharing some tips that you can try out to help your kids improve their writing. So be sure to check back starting Wednesday for more.

And watch the video to learn more about Hoffmann and what she offers.