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Raleigh allows permit for amplified sound at wedding venue

Posted September 10, 2014 2:29 p.m. EDT

Merrimon-Wynne house i

— Intense noise concerns from area residents were not enough to convince Raleigh City Council last week to reject a request by the Merrimon-Wynne house for a special use permit for amplified outdoor sound.

Owner Jodi Heyens and her family purchased the house at 500 North Blount Street in 2013 and restored it with the intention of using it as a wedding and event venue.

Heyens said she has made a strong effort to work with concerned neighbors.

“The Merrimon-Wynne house is very much a labor of love for me,” Heyens said. “I've tried very, very hard to work with the neighbors.”

She also emphasized how much was riding on the permit request because of the need to offer brides some form of certainty that they will be able to have the wedding and reception they desire at the home.

“If we do not get this permit, I will have to shut down my business, and I will have to sell the Merrimon-Wynne house.”

Several area residents spoke out in support of the request and applauded Heyens’ restoration efforts.

Neighbor Nancy Brooks said while she and her husband know the house is there, it does not disturb them.

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