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Rabid fox killed in Holly Springs

Posted May 23, 2008 3:07 p.m. EDT

— Testing confirmed that a euthanized fox had rabies, police said on Thursday.

Officers said they believe the fox was the same one that scratched a homeowner in the Sunset Lake Village neighborhood on Tuesday. Authorities captured the fox on Wednesday.

The homeowner is undergoing treatment for rabies, Lt. Anthony Revels said.

The fox might have given birth recently, and any pups might also be infected with rabies. Revels said residents should report any sightings of fox pups.

Residents should not set out food for foxes, raccoons or other wildlife, police said. Securing garbage can lids and removing attractions such as pet food bowls also can help keep wildlife at an appropriate distance.

Anyone who might have been exposed to a rabid animal should call 919-557-9111 as quickly as possible. Exposure includes bites, scratches or contact with an animal's saliva.