Quickly catch up on the day's news: Monday, November 27

Posted November 27, 2017 3:51 p.m. EST

— Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

A royal wedding in the works

Prince Harry and American actor Meghan Markle are engaged! The couple made their first appearance hours after the news was announced, and revealed that they had gotten engaged during a cozy night at home while roasting chicken. (The royals: They're just like you and me, amiright?) Watch the interview with the BBC here.

Trump makes 'Pocahontas' crack

At an event honoring Navajo code talkers, the President made a remark about "Pocahontas," his nickname for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, though did not mention her directly.

Sen. Al Franken speaks amid groping accusations

"This has been a shock," the Minnesota Democrat said to reporters on his first day back on Capitol Hill.

Richard Branson accusation

The billionaire said he has no recollection of an alleged sexual assault that a woman says occurred at his island home in 2010.

Another big week for tax reform

Congressional Budget Office estimates of the Senate GOP's tax plan show a $1.4 trillion increase in the deficit over 10 years.

Holiday retail season's start

-- If you haven't yet realized that today is Cyber Money, here are some deals you can still snag.

-- Black Friday was huge ... for gun sales.

Things at the CFPB got awkward

Amid a showdown over the consumer watchdog agency, both appointees (one by Trump and one by the outgoing director) showed up for work today and sent out competing emails to staff both signed "acting director." One even brought in doughnuts. It's not clear if the two interacted.

Three Chinese nationalists charged

The Justice Department says that hackers stole intellectual property from several companies.

Pay it forward

The homeless good Samaritan who received hundreds of thousands of dollars for an act of kindness said he will use the money to help others.

The word of the year is...

Yes, it's time to start with the 2017 superlatives. And if you think this year has been lousy for the world, you'll agree with's choice for its word of the year.