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Q&A with WRAL's Kelcey Carlson, now mom of two

Silly me. WRAL's Kelcey Carlson wasn't due for another week or so. So I figured I could wait a day or two before I posted this Q&A with her. Find out more about how she kept in shape and what she ate ... before she gave birth Tuesday.

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Kellen Krieg
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Silly me. WRAL's Kelcey Carlson wasn't due for another week or so. So I figured I could wait a day or two before I posted this Q&A with her.

And then she went and had baby Kellen Krieg on Tuesday morning! So congratulations to Kelcey and her family! And here are some thoughts from her about her pregnancy a day or so before she gave birth.
Go Ask Mom: For me, the second pregnancy wasn't as exciting as the first. No big surprises. No big shopping sprees either since I had most of the stuff. Has it been the same for you? Has this pregnancy been much different from the first?

Kelcey: It's funny, I've actually been more excited this time around because I feel like I have some idea of what to expect. Four years ago, I was excited, but oh so nervous. I wondered what labor would be like and I really wondered how I'd be as a mother. Would I know what to do? Could I manage work and a child? All of those things seemed to dominate my thoughts the first time around. This time, I'm definitely more relaxed and ready to meet the little guy!
GAM: Have you had any cravings or funny nesting instincts?

Kelcey: No crazy cravings! Unfortunately, this pregnancy has been tougher on the nausea front. For the first six months, I wondered each day what I'd be able to eat. I kept telling my husband that once I felt better, we'd hit a giant buffet and I'd finally enjoy some guilt free pregnancy eating. That day hasn't happened, so we'll plan it post-delivery. I have been eating a lot of grapefruit lately and chocolate tastes really, really good. I'm wondering if the chocolate fix has something to do with the lack of caffeine these days!
GAM: I hear you've been spotted running around the WRAL campus. How have you been staying fit throughout the pregnancy?
Kelcey: As far as running goes, mostly I call it "moving for an hour." I still run several days a week, but each month I get slower and slower and the distance gets shorter and shorter. Mostly, I need an afternoon energy boost. When you wake up between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., you have to do something. I know a rowdy four-year-old will be waiting on me when I get home! Running wakes me up a bit! I get some funny looks, but I promise I've read dozens of books and articles and talked to a number of doctors to make sure it's safe. Plus, I have several friends who've run through their pregnancies. I make sure to take it easy and watch my heart rate. When I read what professional runners do during their pregnancies, I feel pretty lazy!
GAM: How is your older son taking it all?
Kelcey: Charlie says he's ready to be my teammate in taking care of him. The biggest selling point, though, is the fact that I won't be at work for 12 weeks. That he understands. And that is what excites him the most!

Congratulations again to Kelcey!

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