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PSU student says SUV used in hit-and-run used to be her family's car

Posted May 26, 2018 10:56 a.m. EDT

— A Portland State University student learned as a hit-and-run situation was unfolding on campus Friday morning that she has a bizarre connection to the car involved.

Jenny Torgersen says she heard about the hit-and-run at Montgomery and Sixth Avenue through an alert.

Then she got a text from her mom, saying that the car involved, a blue Mazda Tribute, was their family car from her childhood, and that her parents had only sold it two months ago.

She says her parents were getting calls non-stop on Friday after the hit-and-run because they're the last ones the car was registered to before they sold it.

They say they sold the car to a man.

FOX 12 called that man, who said he was a broker who sells cars for a living. He wasn't able to confirm who he sold the car to a few months ago.

Torgersen says she went to check out the scene after hearing about what happened that morning.

She says it was hard for her to picture the car, the family car she had grown up with and learned to drive in being used in such a horrific way.

"Seeing the marks on the ground where the police were you know like taking pictures of where things happened and it was just really weird to picture our vehicle in those spots and just like it coming down the sidewalk there and hurting people," Torgersen said.

She says these types of violent acts continue to happen but to have such a close connection was surreal.

She hopes the victims make a full recovery.