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Raleigh considers changes to road race schedule in downtown

Posted August 17, 2014 7:14 p.m. EDT
Updated August 18, 2014 5:17 a.m. EDT

— City officials are determining whether to implement a moratorium on new road races until 2016 to incorporate potential changes that would lessen the impact on downtown Raleigh neighborhoods and businesses.

The suggestions come as welcome news to Kim Decoste, who lives near downtown.

“I think Boylan Heights is community-minded,” she said. “I think we want to participate. We like the fact our neighborhood is nice, and we want to share it with people, but it seems like we don't get very much notice.”

Decoste is among those concerned about the number of road races in Raleigh. While the races help boost the city's economy, they also result in street closures, traffic delays and other inconveniences.

Officials have offered a number of suggested changes to Raleigh’s road race policy, which include:

  • Removing the grandfather period for race dates to help reduce the number of races in high-impact areas. Races can still happen on a desired date if located in another part of the city.
  • Add alternative locations for races to create less impact on neighborhoods and businesses.
  • A new notification policy so residents and businesses impacted by a race will be notified six weeks and two weeks in advance.

The proposed changes will be discussed during the city’s Law and Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Race organizers have issue with some of the proposed changes related to date limitations, fees, multiple events on the same weekend and how Raleigh police manage race traffic plans.

The suggestions, if approved, would come as a welcome change for Decoste, who fear that road closures during races will hamper emergency access to Boylan Heights.

“It blocks us completely,” she said.