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Pro-gun student: 'Gun control is not the right way to secure our schools'

Posted April 14, 2018 5:38 p.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 11:12 a.m. EDT

— Gun rallies took place across the country Saturday, including one in downtown Raleigh.

Unlike some recent demonstrations to restrict the availability of guns, Saturday’s rally was about gun rights and protecting the Second Amendment.

Those who gathered at Halifax Mall chanted, “If you want it, come take it” as a warning to anyone, particularly policy makers, who might make attempts to take away their Second Amendment rights.

The rally happened at about the same time across the nation and, in Raleigh, several dozen gathered in solidarity with the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans.

Top of mind for protesters was safety within schools, as just weeks ago people calling for stricter gun laws gathered in the same spot to call for change following the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

High school student Connor Groce said most agree that something needs to be done to make schools safer, but they disagree on how change can be achieved.

“Gun control is not the right way to secure our schools. I think there’s a lot of measures that can be taken to secure our schools that are not being met right now because they’re being met with so much resistance from folks that are pushing the gun control agenda,” he said.

Groce, who attends West Forsyth High School, said he did not walk out of class during the March for Our Lives rally last month, which was an unpopular decision among his classmates.

Those who gathered for the protest Saturday vowed to push back against any government that infringes on the Constitution.