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'Priceless': Surgeon braids Charlotte woman's hair during surgery

A Charlotte surgeon braided his patient's hair during her skull surgery, and their story is going viral.

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India Marshall
NBC Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte woman who underwent skull surgery was surprised to wake up with braids in her hair.
NBC Charlotte reports India Marshall had bone growths on her skull that recently required surgery.

Marshall said, prior to surgery, she washed and detangled her curly hair and didn’t give it another thought. When she woke up and removed her bandage, she found the beautiful braids, which were even parted so she could care for her stitches.

As it turns out, her surgeon, Dr. Jewel Greywoode, was responsible.

Greywoode, who is Black, told NBC Charlotte he is a dad to two daughters and has "curls night" regularly. When he saw Marshall's hair, he said he knew it would wind up tangled and knotted during the surgery -- so he braided it.

Marshall shared her story on social media, and Greywoode's kindness quickly went viral.

Marshall told NBC Charlotte what he did means everything.

“For me, it was an indication of somebody seeing me, and what I mean by that is seeing me as a Black woman and the things that impact me on the daily, and hair being one of them,” Marshall says. “Just to have that experience it is priceless.”


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