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President Trump's international complications

Posted September 20, 2019 7:31 p.m. EDT

— Those hoping for progress in Congress on gun control proposals this week saw no forward movement at all, as Republicans continued to hold out for a sign from President Donald Trump on what he wanted to see.

Trump spent much of the week on the West Coast in a campaign and fundraising swing, but he still kept an eye on events back in Washington.

And it wasn't easy programming for the President this week.

Trump watched from Air Force One as his onetime campaign manager Corey Lewandowski essentially stonewalled Democrats -- prompting a tweet of presidential approval.

(But it's unclear if Trump, a noted TV consumer, watched Sean Spicer, his onetime press secretary, make his neon-clad "Dancing with the Stars" debut this week.)

Lewandowski's congressional testimony -- and questions around whether it was related to the possibility of Trump's impeachment at all -- laid bare a rift between two top Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to call it impeachment, but Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler went the farthest he has gone this week, saying he personally believes Trump should be impeached.

The Washington Post and The New York Times both reported that a recent whistleblower complaint about Trump making a "promise" to a foreign leader involves Ukraine.

And it was on Trump's favored platform (television) that his lawyer Rudy Giuliani first denied asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden ... moments before admitting that he had done just that.

Nonetheless, Trump is forging ahead with his international connections. Tonight he hosts his administration's second state dinner, this time with the Australian Prime Minister. Next week, he'll head to New York for the UN General Assembly.

The Point: Trump's complications, both at home and abroad, were on full display this week. 


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And that was the week in 25 headlines.

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