Prescription transfer coupons in sales ads today

Don't miss these prescription transfer coupons from the Sunday paper!

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Prescription Transfer Coupons
Faye Prosser

There are 2 coupons for prescription transfer coupons in Sunday's ads. They include:

Target $10 giftcard with purchase of any new or transferred prescription. Coupon is on page 17 of the Target sales ad.  Coupon valid through 1/25/10.

Kmart $10 giftcard with the purcahse of a new or transferred prescription. Coupon is on the front flap of sales ad.  Coupon valid through 1/30/10.

If you have not transferred a prescription before, it's very easy. Call the pharmacy where you want to transfer to and let them know you want to have a prescription transferred to them. Then give them the information regarding the current pharmacy where the prescription is, the prescription number, your name, etc. They will then call the pharmacy where you are transferring from and have your prescription transferred to the new location. Once you get to the new pharmacy to pick up your prescription, give them the transfer coupon, pay for your prescription and they will give you the giftcard. 


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