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Popular NYC Chinese Restaurant Closed for Mice

Posted October 12, 2013 7:55 a.m. EDT

One thing about New York City that's awesome is the helpful posting of inspection grades from the Department of Health in restaurant windows, allowing diners to quickly determine whether they're ready to take the plunge. Except that sometimes, those grades can plunge themselves, pretty radically. Take Mission Chinese, which had an A in March...and was closed last week for a "severe" mouse infestation.

New York City exterminators had to move in to take care of the problem, which was far more than your basic restaurant rodent issue. Especially in cities like New York, rodents tend to be an ongoing theme at eateries, because it's hard to control their populations effectively in a land of plenty, but the Department of Health has to draw the line somewhere.

Undoubtedly things will be straightened out soon so the restaurant can reopen, but it's a good cautionary tale: always check those grades in the window, and take note of how recent they are, too!

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