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Poll: Where do you shop for holiday gifts?

Posted December 4, 2010 2:44 p.m. EST

Back before kids, I'd spend weekends at the mall, looking for the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends. These days, with two kids and lots going on, I'm happy if I can find an hour or two to squeeze in some holiday shopping.

Still, I seem to manage to find those hours or two. While I'll buy a few things online, such as hard-to-find toys. I still buy most of what I give at the store. It's not that I love to shop. It's just that I like to check out what I buy before I buy it. And I really don't like having to send back things I don't like.

How about you? Where do you buy your gifts? Vote in our poll.

(And just because you can buy most of the products in our Made by Mom Gift Guide online and in stores, I thought I'd plug it. Find the gift guide in Go Ask Mom's Holiday Central).

Where do you shop for holiday gifts? Online or in stores?

Do you buy most of your holiday gifts at the stores and malls? Or do you shop online?
In stores
A mix of both.
I make most of the gifts I give.

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