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Poll: Do your kids believe in Santa?

Posted December 10, 2010 4:56 p.m. EST

I think I was about seven when I did something horrible. I told my three-year-old sister the truth about Santa. I had just learned it from a friend and thought the news needed to be shared.

My mom probably is still a little mad at me. And now that I'm a mom, I can understand why.

My five-year-old believes in Santa. And she's teaching her one-year-old sister all about the big guy.

So what's the story at your house? Do your kids still believe? If they don't, when did they learn how all those presents really get under the tree.

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Do your kids believe in Santa?

Do your kids believe in Santa?

They're starting to ask some questions.
We told our kids the truth from the beginning.
A mix. We have at least one believer in the house.

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