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Poll: Are you watching 'American Idol?'

Posted February 3, 2011 7:41 p.m. EST

Every year I say I will not watch "American Idol." And every year I get sucked in.

I don't watch every episode. I pop in and out of the season until the end. Then my husband finds something else to do for a few nights while I watch the last few shows. He is not a fan.

This season, all I've seen are a few clips. I seem to turn the TV on just as it's ending - a hazard of working at night I suppose. But with the new judges and a local contender, I plan on tuning in.

What about you? Vote in our poll.

Are you watching American Idol?

This season's American Idol has two new judges, no Simon and a teen from Garner vying for the title. Are you watching?

Yes! I love American Idol!
I've got better things to do.
I'll tune in from time to time.
I wasn't going to watch, but I'll probably get sucked in.

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