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Police: Yamhill man shoots good Samaritan trying to stop fight involving pregnant woman

A Yamhill man is recovering at the hospital from a gunshot wound after trying to stop an assault involving a pregnant woman.

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Brenna Kelly
YAMHILL, OR — A Yamhill man is recovering at the hospital from a gunshot wound after trying to stop an assault involving a pregnant woman.

Police said it started outside of Zippy's Pizza on South Maple Street at around 9 p.m. Friday.

Investigators said 67-year-old Richard Mershon was spotted outside the restaurant fighting with a group of people, with one witness telling police Mershon was intoxicated and pushing a pregnant woman who was trying to give him a ride home.

Officers said a man tried to intervene and was shot at but was able to escape without being injured.

Police said David Trivelpiece was across the street from the restaurant when he heard the gunfire and ran over to help, but that's when Mershon is accused of shooting Trivelpiece in the neck.

"Yeah, it's definitely unheard of. It's not something I would expect to happen here," a woman named Ashley, who is one of Trivelpiece's friends, told FOX 12.

Ashley did not want to talk to FOX 12 on camera Monday night, but said she was not surprised by Trivelpiece's actions.

"He was being neighborly. He saw someone who needed help and he helped them," she continued, noting that Trivelpiece did not know the suspected shooter.

Yamhill is a town of about 1,000 people and word travels fast.

Trivelpiece's boss and owner of A-1 Logging, Larry Heesacker, said he talked to him earlier Friday night before the incident.

"What a shock," he said.

Trivelpiece's friends and family say he always puts others before himself.

"He's caring. He's loving. He's out here like he's that guy that would step up to help somebody when they're in distress, or need like that," Heesacker explained.

Police arrested Mershon on Monday after he was released from the hospital. He is facing two counts of attempted murder, assault and other charges.

According to police records, Mershon had no criminal record prior to the shooting, not even a traffic ticket.

Trivelpiece still has a bullet lodged in his spine. He is paralyzed on his left side and has limited mobility on his right side, but a post listed on his Go Fund Me page stated he has a positive attitude and sense of humor.

A-1 Logging employees are donating their sick pay to help cover his medical bills.

"We had people walking in off the street, businesses in the community came in with extra money," Heesacker told FOX 12. "So it's pretty crazy how much money's been raised already."

Trivelpiece's friends said he's in good spirits and is getting better every day. They're not surprised he intervened, and his family said they're proud of his heroic efforts.

Anyone who would like to help Trivelpiece's family with medical bills can call the A-1 Logging office at 503-687-1610. They are accepting donations in the form of cash or check.

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