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Police: Suspicious Object Probably Grenade Simulator

Posted December 8, 2007 8:01 a.m. EST
Updated December 8, 2007 11:37 a.m. EST

— Fayetteville and Cumberland County authorities responded to a suspicious object found early Saturday morning near Methodist College.

The suspicious object was found in a parking lot at the Jordan Soccer Complex, off Treetop Drive, shortly before 5 a.m. The Fayetteville Police Department's bomb squad safely removed the object from the parking lot.

Police said the object resembled a military grenade simulator, which makes a loud noise but does not explode. Officers said it looked like someone had tried to light the simulator, because there was no wick, and the handle was broken.

Fayetteville police were ordered not to touch the object after the initial investigation. A bomb squad from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was called in to assist.