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Police search computer of accused peeper

Posted May 13, 2009 4:23 p.m. EDT

— Police have seized a computer hard drive belonging to an Apex man accused of taking video of women in public restrooms without their knowledge.

Elliot Brandon Zayas, 24, of 1029 Mica Lamp Court, is charged with 15 peeping-related charges.

Twenty-one women were videotaped at various locations, but investigators haven't determined where and when some of the videos were taken. Police said miniature cameras were placed inside bathroom stalls, slid under hotel room doors and placed inside sneakers to take illicit photos.

A Raleigh woman with whom Zayas and his wife were staying temporarily found a camera in her bathroom after the couple moved out, as well as a disc that contained video of her and of other women, police said.

When investigators asked Zayas whether they would find other images on his computer hard drive, Zayas said they "probably" would, according to an affidavit by Detective Mike Garafalo of the Apex Police Department.