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Police respond to call, end up joining neighborhood 4th of July party

Posted July 4, 2017 10:51 a.m. EDT

— Some Asheville Police Officers, responding to a street complaint in the Oakley area, are getting some positive attention after they joined in on the fun!

Resident Katlen Joyce Smith tells News 13, the neighborhood has over twenty kids in a 4 block area. For fun, every year, the neighborhood gets together for a 4th of July block party.

This year, the neighborhood adults built a giant slide for young and old to enjoy.

Apparently, not all the neighbors were excited about the street being blocked off and contacted authorities.

The responding officers, after stressing safety and addressing the neighbors concerns, ended up joining in on the fun!

The officers told the residents that the slide was far enough over to the side that vehicles could safely get past. No citations were issued.