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Police find card skimmer at Cary gas station

At least two victims had their credit or debit cards skimmed at the Valero gas station in Cary.

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Heather Leah
, WRAL digital journalist
CARY, N.C. — Drivers filling up their gas tanks in Cary should be vigilant about card skimmers on gas pumps. Cary police said they discovered a skimmer at the Valero gas station on Old Apex Road and West Chatham Street on Friday.

According to reports, at least two or three victims had their cards skimmed. Police said their cards were used in Charlotte and Florida.

Police said they don’t have any surveillance video or suspect information at this time.

An uptick in illegal card skimmers at the pump

Inspectors with the state Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services' Standards Division found 23 skimmers on gas pumps in the first three months of 2019, up from only five during the same period the previous year.

Chad Parker, a manager with the Standards Division, provided some tips to help protect yourself from skimmers.

  • Choose the credit option instead of debit when swiping your card. This will prompt for your ZIP code instead of your PIN number, which prevents thieves from getting access to your ATM PIN.
  • Pay inside or pay with cash.
  • Buy an cellphone app that alerts you when a skimmer is nearby.
  • Gas stations also should replace the manufacturer's locks that come on new pumps.


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