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Playing With LEGO: Not Just For Kids!

Posted September 6, 2013 2:45 p.m. EDT

Do you know where your LEGO are? I can tell you; in a handy see-through tub in my closet, with a handle for easy portability. That's because I love playing with LEGO, and I am totally not ashamed to admit it, even at my age. The thing is that these amazing little plastic blocks are totally fun for adults, if you let yourself go a little and stop being so self-conscious.

High school senior Jess Long doesn't need me to tell her that. She's her own San Francisco contractor -- on a miniature scale -- with her models of various homes executed entirely in LEGO. She sells them on Craigslist to interested buyers, and reading about her LEGO fun inspired me to think about busting out my own set this weekend when I have time to play around. Maybe I'll try my hand at a Frank Llloyd Wright, or maybe I'll go for something more Escher-esque. Who knows!

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