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Playground Review: Duke Park

Posted November 25, 2010 8:44 p.m. EST

The first thing I noticed on a visit to Duke Park in Durham the other week was the height of the play structure. This isn't some simple steps and slide set up. This is a two-story structure with giant tube slides on a play set that seems to just go on and on.

Duke Park sits in the Duke Park neighborhood and is bordered on one side by Interstate 85. The 17-acre park is covered in hardwoods and has greenway and trail access. There's a paved loop trail that's about a quarter of a mile or so, along with other sidewalks in the park. And there are three spots with play structures, which you'll see closer in the video.

Here's what I like about Duke Park:

The giant play structure. You'll find the really tall tube slides, along with lots of different opportunities for climbing, bouncing and playing. It's colorful too, making it stand out among the leafy trees that stand around it.

The grounds. They're gorgeous and provide plenty of opportunities for kids to roam and explore.

The old-school, four-seat teeter totter-like piece near the large play structure. Kids can sit on a motorcycle or dolphin and bounce.

One big drawback to the park this time of year: The restrooms are closed. A port-a-john is the only toilet in the park during the winter.

Duke Park sits at 106 W. Knox St. in Durham. Watch the video for a closer look.

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