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Planters That Look Like Heads

Posted February 25, 2013 12:55 p.m. EST

Are head shaped planters creepy to you, or do you love the look of plants that become tendrils of hair above the face of a statue? From classic cast stone head planters, to modern interpretations of the idea that sometimes are downright macabre, head shaped planters can add anything from whimsy to weirdness to your garden. The following head shaped planters run the gamut of styles. Which one would you put in your garden?

Medusa Head Planter by Grandin Road: This planter is the classic head planter. It's big, heavy, and made of cast stone. It is exactly what you think of when you think of "head planter" ... the classic planter found in manicured rose gardens. It comes in three different colors of cast stone, which all pretty much look like each other, though someone with a good eye would see the difference. $129 at

Set of Three Face Pots from These face pots are a play on the classic terracotta flower pot. Just take a classic terracotta flower pot, and add a face to it. I suppose if you got sick of the faces, you could just turn them around and they'd look like regular flower pots, which is a bit of a two-for-one deal, and who doesn't like that? $14.95 for a set of three face pots at

Fired Clay Face Pots by High Country Art: These handmade face pots were definitely made by an artist, and they are definitely one-of-a-kind. Their faces are unique....not necessarily beautiful in the traditional sense, but attractive in an edgy way. They're sort of pouting, but the flowers that grow from their heads contrast their expressions. I could see them making sense on a New Orleans balcony. Call High Country Art & Antique for price.

Plastic Photo Face Pots: These custom printed face pots are a modern take on the face pot. A photo of your choice is set between an inner plastic flower pot and a clear outer layer of plastic, so that the entire pot seems to be a photo. It's a fun way to honor someone special. These are, though, the creation of a company in Khazakstan, and may not be available widely stateside.

Rock Face Garden Planters: I have no idea who makes these, but they're all over eBay, and they sell for about $19 for a set of two. Cute and surprising, the faces in these rock-textured planters are sort of charming. They would add a whimsical touch to a rock garden.

Campania Williamsburg Orabelle Planter: This cast stone planter is an absolute classic. The foliage and flowers that grow from the pot seem to create a crown above the beautiful face of the planter. Weighing in at 60 pounds, this is a true investment piece for your garden. Contact Campania International for price.

The Fairy Head Planter from Bellacor: This cute fairy is made of handmade solid cast stone. Her face is pretty, and she has cute pointy ears. The planter can be used indoors or outdoors. Dress her hair with beautiful plants, in winter or in summer. $134.95 at

Head Vases by Plants on the Brain: The planters in Plants on the Brain, and Etsy shop run by someone with the handle clayflower22, are planters for the connoisseur of things a little bit spooky, a little bit kooky. From babies to glamorous ladies, the faces on the vases by Plants on the Brain are definitely cool. Most of the vases run from $20 - $30 on Etsy.

Modern White Baby Head Vase by Mudpuppy: The Modern White Baby Head Vase is so cute! This happy baby face sprouts can sprout any kind of hairdo. The sculptural vase is made of slipcast stoneware by the artist Michael McDowell. $45 on Etsy.

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