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Plano names shooting victims, community mourns domestic violence event

Meredith Hight.

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PLANO, TEXAS — Meredith Hight.

Anthony Cross.

Olivia Deffner.

James Dunlop.

Darryl Hawkins.

Rion Morgan.

Myah Bass.

Caleb Edwards.

According to Plano Police, those eight names, plus another unidentified person in the hospital, are the victims of Spencer Hight's shooting spree Sunday night.

The shock of a shooting with eight victims dead is immense no matter where it happens. It hits particularly hard in a place like Plano, a place Forbes touted as the safest city in America.

It may be a safe haven against most violent crimes, but one crime in particular doesn't pay much attention to city limit signs.

"I think it can happen anywhere. It can and does happen in Plano, but I think the issue more is the domestic violence," Plano resident Trissi Bowlin said.

Plano Police say Spencer High killed his estranged wife, Meredith, and the others, opening fire with multiple firearms at a Dallas Cowboys watch party Sunday night at their home on West Spring Creek Parkway. A Plano officer shot and killed Spencer inside the house. Seven of the victims were dead at the scene. One later died in the hospital, and another is still there.

Meredith Hight (nee Lane) filed for divorce July 17 according to Collin County judicial records, but social media posts show the couple was apart earlier this year.

No motive has been released as of yet, but eight victims between the ages of 22 and 33 are dead thanks to domestic violence.

"We've got to talk about the domestic violence at least," Bowlin said. "We've got to figure something out. We just don't take it seriously. We just brush it off."

Bowlin's mom was a victim of domestic violence, so as Police continue processing the gruesome scene in America's safest city, she has a message for anyone who feels trapped.

"Once somebody shows you their true colors, you need to believe them," she said.

With countless family and friends reeling with the news they've received in the past 48 hours, maybe it is time to pay attention.

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