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Planned Parenthood shooter speaks out on attack

Posted January 14, 2016 10:20 p.m. EST
Updated January 14, 2016 10:41 p.m. EST

The man accused of murdering three people at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado is speaking out.

In a jailhouse interview, Robert Dear said the FBI wanted to start a war with him, and that he was going to choose when and where he would make his last stand.

Dear said he has no regrets about shooting up the facility in Colorado Springs.

“Apologies, no; I say that they are going to execute me, that will be apology enough,” he said.

Three people were killed in the attack on the day after Thanksgiving. Dear—who once lived in the North Carolina mountains—said he took lives to save lives.

“They got 4,000 babies get aborted every day,” Dear said. “I guarantee you they had a lot of cancelations, and I might have saved a thousand.”

Court records in the case are sealed, but Dear complained in court that he was being silenced.

Dear also claims the FBI has been following him for decades, even on the day of the deadly attack=

“When I got to Planned Parenthood, when I busted in that door on the side, all the people were gone, so they had been tipped off by the FBI or somebody all the employees had gotten out the back,” he said.

Dear said the attack was spur of the moment, not planned

Officials say he must undergo a mental competency hearing. Prosecutors haven’t decided whether to seek the death penalty.