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Photo of police cruiser parked in handicap spot goes viral

Posted May 31, 2018 11:23 a.m. EDT

— A Mid-Michigan man is demanding answers after his photo of a police cruiser parked in a handicap parking spot went viral.

James Mancour of Flint posted the photo to Facebook on Wednesday morning after he saw a patrol vehicle belonging to the Burton Police Department parked in a handicap spot outside the gas station on Court and Belsay in Burton.

The post has been shared nearly 650 times.

Mancour said he thought the officer was being disrespectful to those with handicaps, especially since there was an empty parking spot right next it.

"My stepdad has a fake leg and he needs a walker to walk and he needs the extra space a handicap space gives just to get out of his car, so I find it disrespectful and not right for an officer to take a handicap spot when there is a regular one right next to it," Mancour said.

A resident left the photo in the comments section of a separate post on the Burton Police Department's Facebook page.

"I have one question pertaining the officer parked in the handicap zone. If it were me would the chief simply "look into it" or would I receive a citation no questions asked? Be fair," the man wrote.

The department responded saying the police chief is looking into the matter.

"...honestly, you would be advised at that location because it is not a "legal" handicap parking spot. Not only does the paint have to be on the ground, a sign also needs to be there for enforcement action. The office[r] that did that did not realize it was a handicap spot and as soon as the photos came out, he himself went to the Chief apologizing," the department wrote.

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