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Phoenix-area residents band together after being duped out of thousands for barn doors

3 On Your Side dealt with a guy more than a decade ago when he would take money for pool tables and then never deliver the product.

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LiAna Enriquez
ARIZONA — 3 On Your Side dealt with a guy more than a decade ago when he would take money for pool tables and then never deliver the product.

After that report, he fled to Colorado but now he's back in the Valley and back to his old tricks.

"Very betrayed and very trusting, but that will never happen again," says Linda Nick.

"I definitely feel betrayed, I feel angry and once I found out how many more people that's what really made me say no someone's gotta say something," says Julie Lentz.

3 On Your Side spoke with many people say they have one thing in common. They all did business with a guy named Kevin Allen, who they say took their money and disappeared.

"It makes me mad," says Jacquie North.

"He's just a predator and he's preying on really nice people who just want to help out local businesses," says Amanda Cain.

The group of women all say Kevin Allen advertised on Facebook and other Social Media websites claiming that he fabricates and installs barn doors, which are actually a growing and popular home design.

"My husband saw on Facebook a wonderful ad for barn doors and more for a fabulous price and Kevin Lee Allen appeared at our door," says Nick.

"We recently moved in and wanted to get some barn doors," says Lentz.

The group says Kevin Allen came to their homes and after a quick sales pitch, he would ask for a deposit to get the barn doors started.

Then, with money in hand, they say he disappeared.

"We handed him $300 in a check and never heard from him again," says Nick.

"[We gave him] $250," says North.

"We paid $400 with our credit card and that was pretty much the last we heard from him," says Lentz.

Kevin Allen has been accused of pulling stunts like this before.

In fact, 3 On Your Side has confirmed he's currently on ffelony probation out of Colorado.

When digging into his background, we came across what basically amounts to a personal photo album of mugshots from all his run-ins with the law.

Some of his victims say he talks a good game to gain your confidence. And, some of the dollar amounts we're talking about are not small.

"He came in he did part of the job on a whole bunch of different projects he was working on and then just disappeared after we had given him about $15,000," says Cain.

3 On Your Side went looking for Kevin Allen and our first stop was a Mesa address that he lists with his probation officer, and where he reportedly stays with a girlfriend.

No one ever did come to the door so we went to another address where he claimed to make those barn doors.

But 3 On Your Side found yet another victim. John Beck says his boss used to lease this small room to Kevin Allen to dabble in woodwork, but he was evicted for not paying his rent.

"He owes a lot of people a lot of money. He still owes us money," says Beck.

3 On Your Side continues to get complaints about Kevin Allen with viewers all saying they were ripped off by him. We have a growing list.

For these women, they say they'd like to get their money back. But, if they can't they say they want to warn others out there not to get involved with Kevin Allen.

"We banned together and said, no we're not going to be taken advantage of like this by this man who's clearly notoriously done this for a year, this is how he makes a living," says Lentz.

Through emails, Kevin Allen claimed he wanted to talk to us on camera and give his side of the story, but he never made that happen.

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