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Pentagon no longer calling border mission 'Operation Faithful Patriot'

Posted November 7, 2018 12:16 p.m. EST

— The Pentagon is no longer calling the US military mission on the southern border "Operation Faithful Patriot," officials said Wednesday, opting to re-brand President Donald Trump's deployment of more than 8,000 troops as "border support" the day after 2018 midterm elections.

Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Jamie Davis told CNN, "we are not calling it 'Operation Faithful Patriot,' we are calling it 'border support.'"

Davis said he could not provide a reason why the change had been made.

Separately, a US defense official said the Pentagon decided the mission should not have been designated a named operation because it was support to US border authorities.

However, that official also said it couldn't be denied that phrase 'Operation Faithful Patriot' had potential political overtones.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the name change and that the decision was made by Defense Secretary James Mattis's office, which issued the order on Election Day, according to officials.

Last week when Mattis was questioned on the decision to send troops to the border, he said, "We don't do stunts."