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Pediatrician Kim Schrier wins in Washington state for another Democratic pick up in the House

Posted November 8, 2018 9:16 a.m. EST

— In another pick-up for House Democrats, Kim Schrier has defeated Republican Dino Rossi in the state of Washington's 8th District to be elected to Congress, CNN projects.

"Congress is broken, and people in the 8th District are ready for a community pediatrician to bring a dose of common sense to DC," Schrier, a pediatrician, said in a statement Wednesday.

In his concession statement, Rossi urged supporters to remain involved in democracy.

"While this race did not end in the way you or I would have liked, I urge you to stay involved in the democratic process. We all need to stay informed, get involved, and hold public officials accountable for the decisions they make," he said, adding, "our country is strongest when people get involved in their communities, whether in political or non-political ways."