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PD offers safe place for online purchase exchanges

A new designated meet-up spot at the McDonough Police Department aims to make buying and selling items online safer.

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Henry Herald Digital Team
MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA — A new designated meet-up spot at the McDonough Police Department aims to make buying and selling items online safer.

The Police Department partnered with OfferUp, the company behind the online marketplace mobile phone app of the same name, to install a Community MeetUp Spot in the department's parking lot that is under constant video surveillance.

"Throughout the country millions of local item exchanges happen every day in our communities," OfferUp and MPD officials said in a joint press release. "OfferUp understands that successful buying and selling experiences rely on trust, so they've created a Community MeetUp Spots program to help ensure both buyers and sellers can come to in-person transactions with more peace of mind."

Community MeetUp Spots are designated areas for buyers and sellers from online and mobile marketplaces to meet in person to complete a transaction. The McDonough Community MeetUp Spot is located in a well-lit area of the Police Department's parking lot and is marked by a green sign.

"Our ability to partner with the McDonough Police Department allows us to bring a collective and focused effort and investment to the well-being of this community by improving the security of in-person transactions," Natalie Angelillo, Vice President of Community at OfferUp, said in the release.

"Our Community MeetUp Spots program helps serve the much=needed purpose of providing an easy and free way to establish a community location that is public, surveilled, well lit, and monitored by the police department," Angelillo continued. "OfferUp is proud to have a partner in McDonough to support our commitment to building trust in communities throughout the country."

The Police Department offered the following advantages to meeting strangers at the new meet-up spot:

It's an easy way for community members to help keep our communities safer.

The program will help eliminate the need for two strangers to exchange items at a home or residence.

Having a designated public space to conduct a transaction can help deter criminal intent and activity.

Our MeetUp Spot at the McDonough Police Department is under constant surveillance and is located in a well-lit area.

The use of a free app for your smartphone.

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