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PD: Man stalked, harassed social media fitness model

Posted May 25, 2018 10:44 a.m. EDT

— A Chandler man stalked and harassed a popular social media fitness model by disobeying a court order, police said.

Police said it all started when Isaac Josiah Straus first contacted the fitness model via social media in November 2017 where he was quickly blocked.

He then moved to Arizona to meet the victim in person at her job in February but was asked to leave, according to court documents.

Days before, he put flowers, a stuffed bear, a balloon and a card on her vehicle, police said.

The victim's manager told him to stop contacting her but Straus still tried contacting her through her dog's social media accounts, court paperwork said.

Police said an injunction was filed to get him to stop but he kept trying to talk to her, a few times using email and other times using a social media app called Hangouts.

Police said Straus went to the victim's family's house multiple times, asking her father for the victim's hand in marriage. He also hand-delivered a note to the victim's parents' home so they could "get to know him." He also bought the victim's mother flowers for Mother's Day, police said.

With the help of the victim's father, Straus was arrested on May 16.

Police said Straus told officers he knew he violated the law but "felt so strongly about the path he was put on, by God," that he was willing to take the punishment. He said the victim's family was keeping him and the victim apart and doesn't know why they felt scared by him, police said.

The victim said she had to make daily changes to her personal and professional life, including buying a trained dog for protection and changing workout times, and was scared by Straus' actions, court paperwork said.

Straus faces one count of stalking, one count of computer tampering and five counts of aggravated harassment.