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Patriotic lights lead to hateful note for Omaha man

Posted October 26, 2017 11:19 a.m. EDT

— An Omaha man is left with questions after a nasty note was left on his door following installation of red, white, and blue lights on his house.

Thomas O'Gorman Jr. says he found the note on his front door.

"Some of my neighbors have the American Flag hanging; my American flag is on my house," he said.

Thomas has lived in the home since May. Some of his neighbors are left angered.

"They were actually more mad about it than I think I was," said Thomas.

"We were appalled," said Pam Bishop.

"It's a good neighborhood. Neighbors get along. They know each other. They try to get to know each other. So, why all of sudden we have something to me is hatred?" Neighbor Vera Miller added.

Thomas's friend Nick Goldapp installed the patriotic lights in hopes of easy advertisement for his new business, St. Nicks Holiday Lights, which installs lights for people. For him, the note is personal, with several service members in his family.

"When we started on the red, white, and blue here, I was like let's do it. It's how I wanted to start my business off, throwing the National Anthem out there," said Goldapp.

Since the note was left, Thomas says he's heard nothing but positive words in his neighborhood. In fact, many of his neighbors tell 6 News they now plan to light their homes up in red, white, and blue for the holidays. Thomas says he may keep his up even longer.

Thomas tells 6 News he filed a police report, and authorities are investigating.