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Pastor's fridge breaks, forced to wait over month for service

Posted November 8, 2017 4:59 p.m. EST

— A member of the clergy is calling on Harry. He's a Jamaican pastor who purchased a refrigerator with an extended warranty. When his refrigerator broke, he waited a month for service.

That's when he turned to Harry to cool things off.

Pastor Avril Morguarge's LG refrigerator provides no water or food. The Barren Wasteland has been broken for a month.

"It's a good thing we have this five-year warranty, but right now it's not helping," says Morguarge.

When Morguarge purchased the refrigerator from Home Depot, the sales representative pushed a five-year extended warranty through a company called Assurion, who dispatched several repairman.

"I kept calling back, almost every other day, I keep calling them and every time I call, I have to explain myself again all over," says Morguarge.

The refrigerator needs a new LG compressor, and it's on back order indefinitely. So Assurion sent the pastor back to Home Depot to pick up a free mini fridge of 3.5 cubic feet.

When the pastor told us how much his wife Marcia loves to cook, we decided we'd do anything for a good meal.

Out contact at Home Depot showed us the light. An hour later, Assurion offered Morguarge a $3,000 refund, plus a hundred bucks for a new warranty.

The Morguarges invited us back for a traditional Jamaican meal. Marcia made jerk chicken, curry chicken, rice and coleslaw.

The meal comes from a fridge that runneth over.

"Without you, I'd still be without a refrigerator," says Morguarge. "So I want to thank you, my wife and I, and my family, now we can serve you cool drinks and offer you a meal!"

Morguarge never got a new refrigerator. He got his refund and then took my advice. He hired a repairman, who found the aftermarket compressor he needed. It voided the warranty, but for $400, the refrigerator is working just fine -- $2,700 in his picket.