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Paris resident: 'We are not safe anymore'

Posted November 17, 2015 10:17 p.m. EST

— One of the largest gatherings in Paris following the attacks has centered on a memorial across the street from the Bataclan.

Many who visited found it hard to put their feelings into words.

“It’s very hard for everyone and it was a place I used to go,” said Paris resident Lucy Waite.

Waite has come to the memorial three times since the Friday attacks. She used to live nearby and said she felt that she easily could have been among the victims.

“I moved one year ago, and I’m like ‘it could be me,’ so I feel lucky but I feel really sad,” said Waite.

“This could be me, this could be my friend, this could be my mother. It touched us really deeply,” said one Paris resident.

The Parisian brought his mother to the spot at the Bataclan, a place he once played with his own band three years ago.

“We need to share, to share this pain,” he said.

Christian Gonjmo said that he hasn’t slept in days.

“It’s terrifying. I’m so scared. We are not safe anymore,” said Gonjmo. “It’s like a nightmare continuing because we think it’s not over.”

The attacks happened at places where young people go- concerts, bars, and restaurants. Some young Parisians are taking it personally.

“They tried to attack young, French people because if it’s a war, it’s going to be a war with our generation, so they tried to [scare] us,” said Waite.

The people of Paris see the support coming from across the world.

“We appreciate that. It is important to us. It is helping us to move to continue our lives,” said Gonjmo. “