Wake County Schools

Parents demand apology after drug search at Raleigh middle school

Posted October 29, 2014 10:54 p.m. EDT
Updated October 29, 2014 10:57 p.m. EDT

— A group of Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School parents are demanding an apology from the Wake County Public School System after their children were searched for drugs – and they weren’t notified by the school.

Two of the students searched said they were called into the school office on Friday, separated and searched.

“They said that they were looking for something and I was like, ‘can you'll tell me what it is,’ and they said no, and that's when they just searched me,” said Kiala Golden, 14. “They made me take off my shoes, jacket and made me empty my purse.”

Both Kiala and Jahnna Brimo, 13, said the incident left them shaken and scared because they didn’t know why they were singled out.

“They told me they had already checked my locker and I said, ‘ok,’” Jahnna said. “They were like ‘we didn't find anything,’ and I was like ‘you're not going to find anything,’ and then they were like ‘we're going to have to check your bags.’”

District officials said a school resource officer suspected the students had marijuana. No drugs were found and none of the students were physically searched, the district said.

Wake schools' search and seizure policy, in part, says “school authorities may search a student's person or personal effects when they have reasonable suspicion to believe that the student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized materials.”

Under the policy, parents are not required to be notified of a search, but Jahnna's parents were.

Since no drugs were found, the parents of the involved students said they want an apology and accountability from either the school or the district.