Pandemic causes increases in divorce inquiry calls

Posted December 17, 2020 8:01 p.m. EST
Updated December 18, 2020 9:16 a.m. EST

— Covid-19 has brought many different challenges this year, to life and to love.

Shaunis Mercer, a divorce attorney with Rosen Law Firm, says the firm has seen an increase in inquiry calls for divorce since around April 2020.

"It’s really sad to see that happening,” Mercer said. “People are coming to the realization for the first time, that maybe the differences are so great that they can’t move forward together."

The pandemic has kept many couples at home together, creating room for discussions that may not have been had before.

"Being at home and being in that tight space together can certainly bring problems that were probably already there to begin," Mercer said.

A relationship therapist agreed that she's seen an upturn in business, too.

"I, like lots of therapists, are being inundated with requests for sessions from new clients," Erica Blystone, owner of Wake Adult Counseling, said.

“I’ve gotten 8 new requests for therapy. Five of those were from couples out there. Right now, there is really a need," she said.

Mercer said a way to avoid divorce is to sit down with your partner and have conversations about topics like politics, money and co-parenting that can help in the long run.

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