What's on Tap

What's on Tap

Out & About at the Farm to Table fundraiser dinner

Posted October 15, 2012 1:02 p.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:28 p.m. EDT

Last night, The Oxford and Raleigh City Farm teamed up for a special meal. The Farm to Table fundraiser dinner featured five unique and delicious dishes, all including produce from Raleigh's own urban farm.

In case you missed our special "tweet seat" commentary, we compiled a tweet log to document the night.

We'll be @OxfordGastropub tonight for the Farm to Table dinner benefiting @RaleighCityFarm...pics of yummy food are coming your way!

@RaleighCityFarm has fall harvest coming up, and volunteers are always welcome! Thanks for providing all the fresh produce tonight!

Dinner is about to be served! First up: Pumpkin & Cannellini Bean Puree with white truffle oil and chives @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm

Pumpkin and bean puree! It smells delicious @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm pic.twitter.com/ukJSDrXw

Now for an interesting dish: Scallops served with local lettuces, honey vinaigrette, pepper Chow Chow and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Farm to Table Dinner

Peppers in the chow chow and all 7 varieties of lettuce right from @RaleighCityFarm. Looks great! @OxfordGastropub pic.twitter.com/eI2ByN0e

That was probably the freshest and most delicious salad I've ever eaten. Thanks @OxfordGastropub and @RaleighCityFarm

Lots of empty plates here at @OxfordGastropub thanks to Chef Chris and @RaleighCityFarm

Here's the Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast with @RaleighCityFarm Spinach and a Frangelico cream sauce @OxfordGastropub pic.twitter.com/5lcj2d8i

It's a good thing these portions are small, I'm eating the whole plate and we still have 2 courses to go! @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm

Up next: Lightly Hickory Smoked Beef Tenderloin with herb roasted @RaleighCityFarm turnips, lobster mushrooms and sherry-bacon creamed corn

RT "@OxfordGastropub: Chef @digitalchilly is pumping out the freshness tonight at the #farmtotable dinner featuring @RaleighCityFarm veggies!!"

I wish you guys could smell through these pictures, because it smells amazing! @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm pic.twitter.com/iR93zzYb

Farm to Table Dinner

My tablemates agree: the pumpkin and bean soup was the most unique dish of the night. @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm

Finally dessert time! Sweet @RaleighCityFarm Basil Panna Cota with ginger poached pear, candied pecans and lemon gastrique @OxfordGastropub

A perfect finish to a perfect meal, thanks to @RaleighCityFarm and @OxfordGastropub . Fantastic! pic.twitter.com/LpiTk9QN

Thanks to @OxfordGastropub @RaleighCityFarm and @WeAreEschelon for a relaxing evening and a delicious meal in celebration of Raleigh!

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