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If you watch my video blog and/or follow the Triangle music scene, you should no doubt recognize the face behind Organos.

This musical creation is gifted to us by Maria Albani (Schooner), and you can sense her spirit in every song. For me, she played Lazy Lessons, off her EP, The Limbs… a song that won’t soon be leaving my head. It’s also the first song she ever wrote under the name Organos.

Maria told me she doesn’t really spend a ton of time writing, but she puts her music together when she feels like it needs to come out.

We had a lot of fun shooting. She has five cats, and I gave a good deal of effort making sure they had a leading role in this video blog post.

One thing I didn’t get to work into the video post is how grateful Maria is for many of her friends in the local music scene. You will find several members from area bands stepping up to help her play whatever instrument she needs them to play so she can perform live.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more from Organos soon. And make sure you follow the web links above to hear and learn more.



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