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Orchestra cellist helps French Quarter street performer in need

Posted May 24, 2018 1:01 p.m. EDT

— What happens when a musician sees another musician in need? Well, in this New Orleans case, they step up and help!

Daniel Lelchuk, assistant principal cellist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, came upon another musician at the intersection of Dauphine and Bienville streets this past Sunday afternoon.

Lelchuk said he noticed the street cellist in distress. His D string was about to break, so he couldn't tune his cello properly. Lelchuk then told the street cellist to stay put, and he ran home to gt a brand new set of strings. When he returned, Lelchuk re-strung his instrument for him. Lelchuk wanted nothing in return, he just wanted to simply help.

"This cellist deserved to have a chance to make music and simply could not given the condition of the tools he had. I have always felt that cellists the world over are one big interconnected family. I am very glad my small gesture helped bring the music back to him and his cello," Lelchuk said.

He didn't get the street musician's name, but they shared a special musical moment.