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One woman dead after officer-involved shooting

Posted May 8, 2018 1:14 p.m. EDT

— The GBI identified 55-year-old Kimberly McCann of Cedartown, Georgia as the woman who was shot after a twenty mile chase through Floyd County, Monday afternoon.

Cave Springs police said they saw her speeding through a school zone in a red pickup truck, and she wouldn't stop to be pulled over.

A witness who was there when McCann was forcibly boxed in on Highway 411 near the Walmart outside of Rome described what she saw.

"You could tell by the time she got here, she was riding on a couple of rims," said Amy Dipenti.

She says the woman shot at them once, and the officers didn't respond with force right away. It looked to Dipenti like they successfully talked her into giving herself up.

Everything appeared to be over, and then it wasn't.

"The door opened. She gave them a gun. The door got shut again. They tried to talk to her more. then she pulled out a second gun, shot out her window, and then they opened fire on her completely," described Dipenti.

Dipenti said no one else was in the cab of the pickup truck except three small dogs, that all appeared to be unhurt afterward.

We are investigating what other circumstances may have motivated McCann to run from and shoot at police besides the threat of a traffic ticket.