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One person in attendance for Sensenbrenner town hall

Posted June 4, 2018 3:31 p.m. EDT

— As some members of Congress sweat their town hall meetings ahead of upcoming midterm elections, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wisconsin, seemed to have the opposite experience Monday: Only one constituent was in attendance.

At a meeting in the small town of Rubicon, constituent Dave Matz found himself commanding the congressman's undivided attention from his seat on a metal fold-out chair in the otherwise empty front row. The chosen topic of conversation, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter: Net neutrality.

The one-on-one encounter was noted on Twitter by the reporter, Craig Gilbert, who tweeted out a photo of the meeting.

"Went to GOP Cong. Jim Sensenbrenner's town hall this morning in the Wisconsin town of Rubicon (pop 2,249) and just 1 constituent showed up," Gilbert wrote. "Dave Mantz had the floor to himself. The two politely discussed their differences on net neutrality ... then discussed them a little more."

Sensenbrenner also held town halls in Neosho and Lebanon on Monday, which are all part of Wisconsin's deep-red 5th District. The congressman has represented the district, formerly numbered the 9th, since 1979, and has handily won re-election since then, sometimes running unopposed.

Sensenbrenner's press secretary, Christopher Krepich, told CNN there was also only one constituent present at the town hall in Lebanon on Monday, while four people showed up in Neosho.

"He feels it's important to make himself accessible to constituents from all parts of his district, even if the meetings in smaller towns don't draw huge crowds," Krepich said in an email.

According to Krepich, the Wisconsin congressman has held 41 town hall meetings this year.

"Last night, roughly 20 attended his meeting in Hartford," Krepich said.