On Facebook, NC's Republican candidate for lieutenant governor lashes out, insults

Black people, Hollywood, women and LGBT people are all targets for first-time candidate Mark Robinson.

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Travis Fain
, WRAL statehouse reporter
RALEIGH, N.C. — On Facebook, the Republican nominee for North Carolina lieutenant governor says Hollywood is demonic. He bashes Black people for giving their "shekels" to satanic or Jewish movie producers. He insults famous women and sees cultural acceptance of homosexuality as part of a slide toward pedophilia and "the end of civilization as we know it."

He apologizes for none of this.

“Absolutely," Mark Robinson, a Greensboro man making his first run for public office, said this week. "I’m not ashamed of anything that I post.”

In his posts, Robinson, who is Black, often lashes out at other Black people. In one from 2018, he said "half of black Democrats don't realize they are slaves and don't know who their masters are. The other half don't care."

Robinson addressed his social media posts during a Thursday night taping of On The Record, which airs Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

“I don’t back up from them a bit," Robinson said of his posts. "May hurt some people’s feelings, some things that people may not like, but those are my personal opinions.”

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Rep. Yvonne Holley, D-Wake, who is Robinson's opponent in the lieutenant governor's race, was on the show as well.

“How can you sit there and say that stuff?" Holley said Friday during a follow-up telephone interview with WRAL News.

Robinson also said during the show that he doesn't believe systemic racism exists. During a Spectrum debate earlier this month, he talked about the "unproven science" and "wild ideas of climate change," despite widespread scientific agreement on the issue.

“He denied racism," Holley said Friday. "He denied climate change. He denies police brutality even exists. … How are you going to solve problems if you don’t believe they exist?"

Robinson rose to prominence among North Carolina Republicans following a 2018 speech he gave to the Greensboro City Council on gun rights. He beat eight other candidates, including a former member of Congress, a state senator and the state's current superintendent of schools, in the March primary to win the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

In at least one post on his Facebook page, Robinson either jokes or suggests that former first lady Michelle Obama is a man. In 2017, he called former President Barack Obama "a worthless, anti-American atheist who wanted to bring this nation to its knees, then raise it back to its feet as a European style socialist hell hole."
Robinson has posted hundreds of memes – pictures with short lines of text added – over the years, some involving the Confederate flag. The Indy called attention to some of his posts in March, soon after he won the nomination.

Some of Robinson's posts WRAL has declined to republish, either because of the language he used or language in the accompanying comments.

In one post from early 2018, Robinson chastised Black people for celebrating the “Black Panther” movie, saying they “refuse to acknowledge the pure sorry state of their current condition” and instead “get so excited about a fictional ‘hero’ created by an agnostic Jew and put to film by a satanic Marxist.”

The post goes on to say the movie is "trash that was only created to pull the shekels” out of Black people’s pockets, but the post uses a Yiddish slur for Black people.

Another post, also from early 2018, shows actress Halle Berry, singer Mariah Carey and actress/writer/producer Issa Rae in low-cut gowns outside the Golden Globe awards. The caption says: “They’re starting a new movement called ‘dressing in see thru, ultra tight, breast bearing whore dresses to protest sexual harassment.’”

In the comments, some of Robinson's Facebook friends insult the women further.


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