What's on Tap

What's on Tap

Ole! It's National Taco Day!

Posted October 4, 2012 8:30 a.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:27 p.m. EDT

Did you know Thursday is National Taco Day? A gimmick? Sure! Reason to eat tacos? Yes, please! 

The Out & About crew decided to get a head start on the spicy goodness with lunch at Chubby's in Raleigh. This local chain started in Durham in 2008 and quickly gained a reputation for taste and value.

That reputation paid off in our lunch for five. The total bill was under $40.

Tacos are available a la carte for $2 or $3 depending on the filling, in varieties from char-grilled chicken and carne asada to tilapia and tofu. Tortillas were fresh, chewy and with a touch of sweetness. Four in our group used the option to mix and match and no one came away hungry.

Chubby's Tacos

The outlier was Tara, who order the ChubbyChanga on a recommendation from a friend.

The ChubbyChanga is a fried burrito filled with cheese, onions, salsa asada and a choice of carnitas, tinga chicken, barboca, shredded or ground beef. Tara decided to get it "smothered," adding chili, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

"I also decided to go with the tinga chicken because I heard that tinga meant chicken and onions simmered in Chipotle sauce," she said, "but after one bite I decided it just meant heaven."

"I have had burritos and I have had tacos but nothing has compared to the hybrid of the two, the Smothered ChubbyChanga," Tara concluded.

Chubby's Tacos

The group agreed that a highlight of the Chubby's experience was the salsa bar. We sampled five tasty toppers and a side of fresh guacamole. The salsa bar featured the traditional chunky tomato and tomatillo salsa along with spicy/sweet salsa with a touch of citrus, a cool, thick cucumber number and a neon orange dip we decided must have featured sweet potatoes.