Old meets new inside Raleigh's newest high-rise

Posted June 18, 2018 1:04 p.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 11:15 a.m. EDT

The Dillon, an 18-story office tower in downtown Raleigh, is brand new, but there's a lot of "old" in it.

The striking high rise stands at 401 W. Hargett Street, where the old Dillon Supply Building once stood, and features retail space and two 6-story tall apartment buildings. Willy Stewart's design, engineering and planning firm is the first company to make this building their new home.

"Keeping that in place while you are building this massive structure inside, that was a job in itself," said Stewart, CEO and Founder.

Stewart also had a hand in some of the engineering for the building, including several building structures that were a part of the old construction.

The space is innovative and open, and it's meant to bring the community together. Art is everywhere in The Dillon -- there's a map of Raleigh on the floor, and glass walls also provide breathtaking views of downtown Raleigh. There's even a sky-high patio that is open to the public.

"Here, I think they have the view of views," said Stewart.

Stewart says Raleigh is in constant competition with other growing cities around the country, and to win, he believes business leaders and public officials must work closely to convince businesses like his to make their homes here.

"We know about Apple possibly doing something in the area, and Amazon is still looking at Raleigh -- so we are definitely appealing to those high-end, high-tech companies," said Stewart. The public can check out The Dillon's beautiful interior and patio and explore the shops around it.